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Kiwi-Stow Caravan Covers

Premium Quality

These have been designed and manufactured to protect your caravan from exposure to the harsh New Zealand climatic conditions.

Go Karts Direct Sells Kiwistow Caravan Covers

Please note the zips and openings are on the passenger side (kerb side).

This is the correct side for caravans in New Zealand.



Excellent protection against:

MANUFACTURED using a composite of three materials:
100% waterproof roof section for maximum protection.
Weather resistant breathable side panels to allow the cover to breath and moisture to evaporate preventing mould and mildew.
Upper part: Super Strong 150G/M2 3-Layer Polypropylene to prevent UV damage to fabric.
Lower part: Super Strong 170G/M2 Oxford Fabric Polyester.
Heavy duty reinforced skirt with elasticised hem front and rear.

Please select the correct cover by measuring the dimensions of your caravan.
Length (maximum length) x Width (maximum width) x Height (roof to mid wheel).

Use our shopping cart facility to order your required caravan cover, or Enquire Now if you have any questions.

Kiwi Stow Caravan Covers
Item To fit Caravan size  Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm) Price
CV1214 12-14ft (4.0-4.5M) 460 230 220  $  200.00
CV1416 14-16ft (4.5-5.0M) 510 230 220  $  205.00
CV1618 16-18ft (5.0-5.7M) 580 230 220  $  215.00
CV1820 18-20ft (5.7-6.3M) 640 230 220  $  220.00
CV2022 20-22ft (6.3-6.9M) 700 230 220  $  225.00
CV2224 22-24ft (6.9-7.5M) 760 230 220  $  235.00
CV2426 24-26ft (7.5-8.1M) 825 230 220  $  265.00
Freight price nationwide $15 Rural delivery addresses additional charge of $5



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